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Originally Posted by zamorin View Post

Has anyone tried the Fiio X3, it's a DAP/DAC/AMP all in one? Can I use it's DAC/AMP function to work with my laptop?

Nope. You cannot use it as a DAC/Amp for your laptop. It's just a DAP. Something like AK100 is a DAC/DAP.

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Originally Posted by Tus-Chan View Post

The E07K would probably be a better bet if you want the best sound quality. However, I'd recommend you just go ahead and buy the E17 because it's only $20 more expensive and it's much better than the E07K.

See, I don't really prefer the E17 that much over the Clip+. Not enough to carry the E17 around instead of the Clip+. That's one consideration. The Clip+ is just uber portable with its small size smily_headphones1.gif
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