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For Sale: JKDAC Sabre USB Dac

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is a JKDAC in excellent condition. This is John Kenny's first DAC. Very clever implementation of Hiface USB-SPDIF converter (JKMK3) isolated from the computer usb 5v supply then I2S connected to a Sabre 9023 DAC then 2.1v direct out to RCAs with ALL power supplied by internal LiPo batteries for Off grid performance. Portable, small, noiseless plus sounds Fantastic.....easily matching W4S DAC2, and DBlabsTranquility..........see the extensive Australian Stereonet plus John Darko reviews.


A wall wart power supply is included. It can be disconnected during listening. Batteries last 15 hours or so before charging is required.....plenty for day to day use.


Asking $SOLD shipped in the US (Paypal)

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photos of interior?

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I've never tried to open the dac to see inside. For information on the dac, see

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I gather from your post that this is the older obsolete version that will not play while connected to power and not the newer version (yet still discontinued) that can trickle charge the batteries while playing.

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JKDAC and JKDAC32 are the same in use. They are recently replaced by the new product, Ciúnas.
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