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For Sale:
For Sale: JVC Victor - DX-700 - Excellent Condition - Audiophile Bass Lovers Fantasy

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my JVC DX 700 which I absolutely love. This is the best available model for Denon D5k, D7K lovers but actually bests the old stock Denons in terms of sound quality and is not as fragile in its construction. 


The JVC DX 700 has mind wobbling bass and a sound stage that is nearly unbelievable for a closed/ semi closed back headphone. It has the same driver as the flagship DX 1000 that sells for north of $1000 and is a superbly musical while still offering precision worthy of flagship class headphones.


I hate to sell but need to generate some cash for other family needs. 

Price is all in with Paypal and Shipping included (within the Continental US)


With this in mind, this is an outstanding price. 

So if you want to send a PM just to see if I'll take $400 all in... don't bother. I am not that desperate.