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For Sale: Kingrex SLAP Battery PSU *SOLD*

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For Sale:
Kingrex SLAP Battery PSU *SOLD*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A change in my rig and now up for sale is my Kingrex SLAP Battery PSU, this power supply has some very positive reviews

The unit is in perfect working order.

Shipping worldwide!



The slightest demand, the greatest satisfaction To satisfy the highest level of audiophile expectation for low noise and distortion, we have developed a pure power source The SLAP.

The cabinet is of a rigid consturction with elegant apperance with size 185*146*156 mm with a 6mm thick aluminum face plate .The stylish design with the stable setting and frame will bring fun for life. It also contributes to the touch and fell factor and is essential for the long lasting life even in a tough environment. All the components used in SLAP are of the highest quality and have been selected through intensive listing sessions from the material itself.


Rated input voltage

AC 90~260V, 47~67Hz

Battery type

12 volt nominal SLA

Battery size


Charging current

80mA~ 750mA

Charging type

Lead Acid Chemistry

Charging current

Constant current/ constant voltage/float

Stage 1: current 750mA

Stage 2: current 400mA

Stage 3: float charge current 200~400mA

“Charged” light turns on and float charge starts when the charge current is approx 80mA when the battery charge voltage is above 14 volts.




Natural convection, no fan


AC input fuse, DC output fuse


30,000 hours by MIL-STD calculation

LED Indications





In use


Battery low

Red & green blinking

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For Sale: €80 (EURO)
For Sale: €275 (EURO)
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