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HE60 and Good Electrostatic Amp or Something Else

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Hi All -


Looking generally for a reccomendation on bang for my buck on an electrostatic rig centered around an HE60, or a top end Dynamic set up centered around an LCD 2/3 or HD800.


I have been dabbling with headphones for a while. The highest end set I own is actually a UE 18 pro IEM, but I also have had a Grado Rs2i, a Sennheiser HD598 which I am running out of a VCAN II and a Meridian Explorer and my MacBook Air.


I have always had the desire to try an electrostat and I saw a good deal at a local hifi store for a new He60 HEV70 combo, so I bought it.


I've also had the desire to eventually get a high-end dynamic rig as well, but given the availability of the he60 I needed to snatch it up.


After listing to the he60 for a few days (through the hev60), I have been most impressed with the detail and treble extension, which I think is unmatched by any other headphones and equal to some of my speakers. That being said, the lower highs upper midrange can be a little harsh, though I don't get much sibilance. I've heard that almost all electrostatic amps are better than the HEV70, so I have been looking into a few them - but specifically at the Woo Audio GES as this is in my price range. With a good electrostatic amp, I've read that there are significant improvements in all aspects of the he60.


The GES for a $1500-$2000 amp seems to be regarded as very middle of the road for electrostatic amps, but I feel like if I spend that much I want very good quality. Given that high end electrostatic amps are very niche, I would need to get something in the 4-5k range for a top of the line amp.


Without even considering my other headphones, would I be better off selling the he60/hev70 combo and buying a dynamic hp/amp combo *maybe upgrade my DAC as well, but that's last), for around $3,500? Will I get superior sound to the combination he60 and a $1500-$2000 electrostatic amp?


I listen to a wide range of things but mostly acoustic music, progressive rock, classical, hip-hop, some jazz.


I just want to make sure I am investing my money into what ultimately will give me the best sound.

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Have you heard the HD650 through the WA3 amp?  It a combo I cannot recommend enough.  It is very dynamic sounding, fun, and easy to listen to.  The HD650 is very comfortable whereas many other headphones like the LCD-2/ LCD-3 are a bit heavy and clunky.  Even the HD800 is a but large.


The LCD-3 has more clarity than the LCD-2 and would be my pick if cost were not a big deal.  I drove them with a BUDA and they sound really good.


I hope you find something to your liking, but the HD650 is worth looking into if you are unfamiliar with it.

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Thanks for the recco, NA Blur.


I have heard the 650 before twice, once when I purchased the Senn 598 and last week right before I bought the He60. The difference was I heard them the second time through the new Foosgate amp, and they did sound much better (the first time they had no amps on display, so I could only drive them from my ak100 where they didn't sound their best).


I really did like the 650 from the Foosgate. They seemed very powerful and not at all asleep like they were previously with a protable DAP. I was listening mostly to theatrical scores in store.


Anyhow, I had been listening to the He60 at lower volumes which sounded much better to me. This leads me to believe that some of the harshness is coming from the HEV70.


I just purchased a used SRM 717 from the classifieds, so I can give the He60 more thorough consideration.


I am, however, a fan of the 650 and will definitely consider it in the future. As I'm familiar with it - are you able to compare it all to the LCD 2/3?

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