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Noisesero with Comply Pads!

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EOps just announced a new headphone with pads made by Comply. 

Comply Pads sound amazing!


Does EOps make good headphones? I've never used them, but this news makes me want to buy them. 

Is EOps even that big? They seem like an off choice for Comply to use as the launch pad for the pads....

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I am not sure why they chose Eopstech, perhaps Comply will chime in.

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Does anyone have any experience with headphones by that company?

Any good?

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It's great to see our Comply Premium Headphone Pads launch is getting some attention on Head-Fi already! Thanks for starting the thread.


We and we only partner with brands that we know have quality products. Our relationship with EOps is great and we are thrilled to launch our on-ear pads with their NOISEZERO O2+ headphone. EOps is a brand with not much attention yet, but we're certain it will soon take off. Comply fully supports and endorses their products as we know they offer superior headphones. The NOISEZERO O2+ headphone has incredible sound, comfort, and quality, so I highly encourage you to test it out when the product releases in October!!


We are currently partnering with other brands for our pads to be included on their devices...larger brands that you will definitely recognize... so be on the lookout for that release soon!

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Forget my other questions/concerns/whatevers, I forgot the brand's name.

I've used these earphones before — review link — and they were amazing. 

Now that I realize what's going on (my bad) I am pumped about this. Can't wait to see what comes next

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Oh yea... those EOps Sports+ earphones are amazing. Glad you got the chance to try those out!

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I have just received a pair of the O2+ and right off the bat i can tell you the pads are amazing. In all honesty i am not normally a huge fan of on ear headphones other than Sennheiser HD25 series as comfort and seal can be a huge problem. Seal was perfect after a quick headband adjustment and these are by far the comfiest pads i have yet to wear. I would love to see these on the V-Moda M-80 as i always really struggled with a seal on that.


Unboxing and more impressions to come!

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That's awesome. I'm jealous! 

Seeing the pads on the M-80 would be smart, but the M-100 and any over-ear cans would killer for V-Moda, or anyone else. I'm sure Skullcandy is going to jump on the pads once they get their hands on a sample and have a new few sets of can planned. 

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Here's a Press Release regarding the NOISEZERO O2+ with our Comply Premium Headphone Pads. It has some great information regarding the technology and design behind the pads.  Check it out... 

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Are they available in Europe?

I would like to try them, they look very comfortable smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by alpha10 View Post

Are they available in Europe?

I would like to try them, they look very comfortable 

They are only available for purchase in New York and Asia at this time. Hopefully, the regions will be expanding sometime soon.

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