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I need new headphones!

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Hi, I am new to this, and am looking to buy my first pair of real headphones. I would like a portable, closed back, comfortable headphone, that costs under 200 dollars. I listen to alternative rock (hence the name), rock, classic rock, things like that. Please give me your reccomendations for headphones that have these traits.

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JVC HA-S500 folding headphones, costs under $60.

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I'll take a look.

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How's the bass on them?

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I've read some reviews.  They all say that the sound is amazing, but they're not very comfortable.  I need headphones that are very comfortable and can be worn for many hours.

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Depending on the season you can find these for $200:


Sony MDR-1R

V-Moda M80

Audiotechnica ESW9

Sennheiser Amperior

Logitech UE6000


You can find the MDR-1R at like the apple store, and you can find both the UE6000 and ESW9 at local Best Buy's. Personal favorite is the ESW9's but they are on-ear headphones so probably not as comfortable as the 1R's and UE6000s.

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What about the Ath M50?
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The M50s aren't portable, and IMO they don't sound very good at the $200 price point. If you can find them for $100 sure, but any more isn't worth it.

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The UE6000 is on sale at Best Buy in-store for $99 right now. They blow everything else away at that price.

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Do you think I will be completely AMAZED by the UE6000? My 20 dollar sony mdr zx100s blow me away now.
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They blew ME away when I first head them, and I own Stax.

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Do the V-moda headphones do well with rock?
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Originally Posted by altrock1234 View Post

Do the V-moda headphones do well with rock?
Yes, very much so. They have full, rich mids and deep, punchy bass, although treble is rolled off. Overall a very smooth sounding and really great headphone. Comfort is average, I can wear mine for 2 hours max before they start to get a little uncomfortable.
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Which is better, the lp2 or the m80?
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Please take into account that I listen to alternative rock, rock, classic rock, and all things like that. Also I need the headphone to be comfortable to wear for many hours.
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