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They look like they may be rebadged Stax SR5's?



Originally Posted by milosz View Post

Who made these??


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They have a coiled cord, which I didn't think Stax ever used.  Who knows.

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[quote name="milosz" url="/t/677809/the-stax-thread-iii/780#post_9988046"]Who made these?? [URL=http://www.head-fi.org/content/type/61/id/975667/]CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality [/URL] [/quote]


The cable, plug and box reminds me of my NAD electrostat, which according to some sources (albeit old) is a variety of the SR3 headphone.

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They were made for Radio Shack by Stax and are a SR3 mutant.

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Originally Posted by milosz View Post

Who made these??


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


Not sure who made them but the sockets, transformers and drivers are all from Stax.  They are not Stax compatible though as both the diaphragm setup and the pinout is different.  Pretty dreadful phones too...


Pretty much the same set was sold as Nad, Magnavox, Marantz and some others that I'm forgetting.  I bought at least 6 sets of the Magnavox back in the day when they were sold NIB for 50$ or so. 


Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post

It's funny because as good as the Omega is, I can vaguely perceive this shortfall-from-ideal from my 323S. I'm not sure I feel limited enough by the 323S to justify laying down another $4000 though.


Yet even so, it is an order of a magnitude greater than all else I have heard in recent memory.


I deeply enjoy the immense soundstage, so it looks like I may not be as interested in the SR-009 after all. Is the SR-009 more resolving than the SR-Omega? The latter seems almost impossibly resolving; I can't imagine rendering finer detail than this.


The issue of whether the 009 is more resolving comes up quite often.  I'm not convinced it is any more resolving than either of the Omegas though the detail presentation is more apparent, i.e. pushed in your face.  For me it was simple, sold the 009 and kept the SR-Omega... 

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Sorry if this has been covered before, but does Stax "farting" actually damage the driver at all? It seems there are times when I have the left driver placed a certain way on my ear, it makes a bit of farting whenever I move my jaw. Am I slowly killing the driver off by doing that?

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The "fart" won't kill your deiver.
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Ihave the 507 and the 202 but I have never heard this "farts". I have heard squeaks (from the 202). May be Ihave not well understood what to hear?

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Stax Fart = sound of air pressure changes causing the plastic dust seal to move


How to produce:

  1. Put Stax on your head. Doesn't need to be plugged in to amplifier, does not need to be playing music
  2. Using the tips of your fingers press gently on the earcup, and press a little so the earcup moves gently towards your ear, compressing the earpad a little on that side.
  3. Release the pressure of your fingertips - stop pushing on the earcup.  You will hear a sound- it varies from a "crinkle" sound like a plastic bag being balled up to a "flapping" sound - or a combination of these sounds.
  4. After release of the pressure from your fingertips there will be the brief sound- this is the "Stax fart"- and the headphones will quickly settle down as air pressure between the inner (ear) side and the outside world rapidly equalizes.


It's called a fart because, like flatulence, it is a sound related to movement of gas to equilibrate pressure between inside and outside.....  in the case of the headphones, changes of pressure in the "ear space" as you press on the earcup cause the dust seal to move, pull, stretch a bit trying to equalize the force of  air in the "earspace" which has become slightly compressed by moving the earcup closer to the ear which reduces the volume of the "earspace."  And, after all, PV=nRT :  here we are making  V smaller while R, n and T remain essentially the same so P must increase. (Actually T probably goes up a little, as well.... but not significantly.)

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Anyone enjoying their Stax 4070s.  I do like these.

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Wish I had a pair.

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Those are using SR-3 drivers same as the Magnavox and Kmart clones. Additionally on top of the mentioned ones from Birgir.
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Originally Posted by Scottsmrnyc View Post

Anyone enjoying their Stax 4070s.  I do like these.


I've been enjoying mine at work for the past few weeks.  The office was getting too noisy for my open STAX so I dragged in the closed 4070's.  The isolation has been good, and the music even better.  


I have a spare set of pads that I am considering using as the pads feel a bit "flat" on these.  I also with that there was bit of "gimbal" for the cups to swivel because I always feel like they could use a little movement to allow the front and back alignment to be better on my head.  Other than that I've always really appreciated the construction of the 4070's.

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Any inside pics?
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