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there are no discharge resistors on any of the stax amps.

the solid state ones can discharge thru the rest of the circuit

but on the tube amp, once the tubes turn off, any charge in

the positive cap will stay there because there is nothing to

discharge it.  1M across each of the power caps will take care

of this.

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I see, Kevin. I could add that 1M, If this would be a good thing, but if this is not a problem I would leave it be.
What do you think about the 28.8 khom that I read on the new resistor values: is this value ok or is it too low? It is strange because the resistor are 2% and when I measure before mounting the value is 14.8 k for each.......
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its going to measure a bit low because you are also measuring the 3 x 51k feedback

resistors to the input stage. The resistors are fine.

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Tank You Kevin, I am really impressed by your competence.
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Next steps: bleeding capacitors and new pots to set the dc values more easely: now is a REAL pain in...
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Always a pleasure to read this thread:-))

Regards Georg
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This afternoon, on the wings of the happiness of the success with my SRM-600, I have set also the gain on my SRM-323s. Despite te procedure is the same, I would have expected to reach zero dc and offset easily. Wrong! I only could set 150-200 mV (balance or offset, do not remember) and the other to zero for both channels. The pots are different from the tube unit and they work better, but I cannot reach zero.
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My SR-5NB Golds are finally up for sale.

Also, if anyone has a headband that would work with these, I may be interested in purchasing it. I feel kinda guilty selling these in this condition, though they are perfectly usable. redface.gif
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I'd grab those but they are a bit on the high side considering you can get a Lambda NB with an adaptor for around the same price.

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Now that the 600ltd problem with the plate resistor is solved, I have to decide wich earphones buy to couple with the amp. I have a 202 and I like it very much but probably I should buy a 507 or a 407. Any suggestion?
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Well, if you don't want to spend a ton of money, you may want to look into just getting some SR-507 pads for your 202? That's what I did and I'm very satisfied with the overall product. Haven't heard the 404/407/507 to compare it to, but both me and a Sr-207 owner with stock pads were more impressed with my 202s than his 207s.

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Tks, but with wich amp?
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Originally Posted by Pier Paolo View Post

Tks, but with wich amp?

I thought you said you had fixed your 600ltd amp and you were looking for headphone pairings for it?

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Oh, yes, of course, thanks. I will keep the 600 but also the 323s, so i will need two earphones ans so I am deciding which......
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Keep both the amps unless you find a 717 and mod it then use that to replace the 323S. 

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