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Originally Posted by milosz View Post

I am currently selling off almost all of my dynamic and planar headphones.  And selling a bunch of headphone amps too. I have just gotten to like electrostatic headphones too much, I don't listen to the others any more.  I went through 2 months where I tried to listen to my LCD-2's and HD800s more- and they do have their strengths- but then I went back to Stax and ESP-950's  and I just don't think I can listen to the HD800s or LCD2s any more.  I mean, I really WANT to love the HD800's, they do a lot things right. But I just can't handle their treble.  It hurts my ears.  I have a bit of hyperacusis right right the HD800's have their emphasis and I just can't listen to them. 


I think there's also something about my overall sound preferences -  I have had a TON of speakers over the years including some very pricey models. Right now my favorites are my refurbished Quad ESL-57's. Yeah, they don't play REAL loud.  The deepest bass is M.I.A.,  and the treble is a little "plasticky" sounding. But there is something about their sound, especially the midrange and upper bass, that is just what I want, what I'm looking for,  from music playback.  My other system, which I also like very much, is a pair of Magneplanar MG-3.6's, triamped using a DEQX.  These have subwoofers as well, below 45 Hz using an additional digital crossover.  The imaging from these is amazing- the DEQX brings the performance of this system in the time domain into incredible focus.


So BOTH of my favorite speakers are panel speakers.  Whatever it is that they do so well is apparently what I also like about electrostatic headphones.  More accurate? Flatter?  Lower distortion?  Better time-domain performance? I don't know.  I don't think it's really related to "accuracy"  or "neutrality" - there's just something in the way they present sound that I lock onto.


I wonder- are the other Stax fanatics also big fans of electrostatic speakers like I am?

Yep, I'm one of those. My first ESLs were Martin Logan CLS IIz, very good but couldn't play loud enough for my taste. Then I tried the big Maggies, I have the 3.6R but the original XOs are ridiculous. After getting the Mye stands and new custom XOs I'm bi-amping now with 200W EAR tube monos, tweaked with NOS tubes (mid/treble) and 300W Marantz MA-700 THX monos (bass). For the lowest octave I have an active sub. Very satisfied although when playing really loud I'd like to try another pair of MA-700s to use in bridged mode - bass-impact/kick drums get a tad woolly sometimes. There is always a possibility to improve but the returns get less and less ...


I use a Cayin DAC with old German tubes in the line stage, very natural and musical. Tried this and that for about 40 years, but couldn't find significant improvements in recent years - I'm a happy music junkie now.


I use my LNS mostly for watching movies, with the SRM-3. For music I have a T1S.

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My favourite speakers are my Stax F-81
Regards Georg
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Originally Posted by darinf View Post

Too bad you didn't get a chance to come by the Darin Fong Audio table.

I had the Vostok Sound ES-21 solid state electrostatic amp/DAC/dynamic amp with the Stax 009's. I would be really interested to see what you thought of it.

Any chance you got to try it with a 007?
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Originally Posted by mangler View Post

Any chance you got to try it with a 007?

Unfortunately, I don't own a pair of 007's. If anyone with 007's or 009's for that matter wants to demo the Vostok amp, PM me. They are thinking about doing a "tour" with one of the amps.


Or if you are in SoCal, I'd be happy to arrange a demo.

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Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post


Purely in terms of sonics? Thanks for that. I was looking at a MDR-R10 and it provided some much-needed perspective (I only listened to them way back when before the LCD-3s and the like were released).





I have to agree as well. MDR-R10 was and is a fantastic sounding headphone, but I do believe it has been surpassed by some of the current top models. Plus I always felt super nervous when handling it - one small ding potentially takes hundreds off the value. 


I'd love it if they redid it in a similar new model, selling for $1k or so. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's the inflated used value that keeps me away.

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while not having ventured into the summit forums yet (as opposed to real summits of which I have climbed a few), I now have a question about my latest head-fi acquisition which hopefully can be answered here.


I have gotten a pair of lambda pros off german ebay for a steal and after fixing two broken leads and replacing the torn headpad with a piece of leather cut to size they are playing nicely with my old power amp and the included srd7-mk2.


The pads are not too good though and probably should be replaced - but since I felt sweaty below them even in winter I was thinking about getting SR-507 leather pads as replacement...


- will they fit (I think yes from what I read - but comments welcome)?


- will they change the sound signature and if yes, in what way?


- will they increase comfort and especially feel less sweaty?


So if anybody is using 507 pads on any other lambda, I'd like to hear your experiences.


Thanks in advance,



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An energizer question: I just picked up a SRD-7sb energizer and I'm looking at a pair of Lambda SR-A headphones. From reading I understand that these phones will need some time to energize...and it may be best to even leave them "powered up" all the time. Unfortunately my amp and line stage all run on batteries and leaving it powered up for a long time isn't a great idea. I'm talking C and D batteries and lots of them. Is there another way to energize the 

Lambda's? I guess I could buy a cheap little t-amp for the purpose...any better ideas?



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I have been using a Toppings T32 which functions pretty well and has a remote even.

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I also pretty much only use electrostatic headphones/speakers. 


It's rare for people to actually go back to only dynamics after owning electrostats for purely sound preference.  What I've found is that the most common reasons for change are an increase in convenience and an increase in tweaking one's system.  The first reason is pretty much common sense - you can't exactly plug your Stax into your mobile device and they can be a bit more finicky in terms of care when not in use.  The latter reason isn't really evident until you go to many meets I'd think.  There is a large percentage of people in the hobby that like to mess around with their system.  Tweakaholics.  Nothing wrong with that but I'm not really wired the same way.  Electrostats don't afford these type the vast amount of amps (and in turn their tubes/components) to play around with.  I think tweaking is a large part of the fun of this hobby for them and that's cool too.  I'm more the set and forget type.

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So, just placed an order for 009's and BHSE, let the wait begin... :biggrin:

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Congrats :)  Did you hear them at the meet this weekend?

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yup, I was at Justin's table giving them a good listen, even though they were broken...sounded as good as they did when I was at CanJam.
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Congrats bearfnf, especially since you could make your mind up based on actual experience so no unrealistic expectations.

Seems like Justin's rig got better over time. I recall some meets in the past where people mainly preferred the 007 from his rig while the 009 was more popular on alex cavalli's table and such.
Treasure tubes play a bit maybe (even though i have a feeling they are there with the black finish amp to make the whole thing look even more awesome wink.gif )?
Or is it mainly due to the source upgrade (ayre vs oppo in the past)?
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Higher voltage swing != just louder volume.

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

Higher voltage swing != just louder volume.

This, to the ends of the earth.

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