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I think the Stax Mafia has too much power & influence....


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I don't get it.....

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

SR-404 cables are the more premium PC-OCC based "fatter" cables that are used interchangebly between the 404 and 407 Lambda's. Yes they are in brown not black, I'd think Stax would have to be absolutely schitfaced drunk to mix black cables with brown housing/headband/arc assembly. 

Thanks exactly what I needed. Screwy ad description and crappy pics got me wondering. Electromod it is then.


Originally Posted by wink View Post

I don't get it.....

have a close look at the duck in the top right of the picture.


funny that someone we know lives in iceland and has one or maybe two Stax.

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Still don't get it.


The person I know who lives in Iceland has lots of Stax gear.

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Spritzer owns a bingo casino? That duck is wearing Lambda Pros.
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Birgir Corleone gave somebody the Mo Green special in order to take over the Bingo Casino
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How is the headband floating above the duck's head? I call shenanigans (but I still want to use that duck as an avatar).


DefQon, the deals you get from YJ are just irresistible. It's a shame SR-007s show up so rarely as I might be interested in picking them up + a SRM-717 if I can scoop the combo up for ~$2000 or less. Even $1500 is too much to pay for the SR-007s IMHO and I remember a few pairs going for ~$1k years ago (before the hype train picked up).

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Do you guys use a translator when using YJ auctions, do you speak Japanese, or am I missing something obvious about how to use it in English?
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Gpogle translate..,
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Those look like Stax Sr-80 (Lambda Junior). It's not only a duck wearing Stax earspeakers... NO! It's a duck wearing pretty uncommon Stax earspeakers!

I have to join Iceland Bingo, this is too convincing.

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

NB Lambda's have that natural, slightly over-emphasized but very seductive and well presented mids, slight 3d to the sound (at least with some songs I've listened to).

SR-202, quite balanced sounding with a slight boost of brightness to the treble (not to the extend that'll hurt your ears). 

Both are nice sounding stat's that sound drastically different to each other.

If you're buying one of either, my suggestion is buy both.
Thank you for that insight. I have the sr lambda and srm1mk2. I've been unsuccessful in finding the signature, nova sig, and esp 950 that I can afford. I wanted to get a pro bias set of some kind. I recall comments about one of the entry level models being very good.
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Best Entry Level on Budget is SR-202
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The SR-202 can only let you hear all the cons of an electrostatic headphone. Give the SR-207 a try; it is definitely a huge step-up from the 202.

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Some owner's here actually prefer the 202 to the 207 due to it having less brightness to the treble. But the 207 is a good current in production e-stat.

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Yes I agree that the 207's boost in treble might be harsh-sounding at times, but it presents a more complete package of sound, in comparison to the 202's lack of lower body. :) 


If you don't mind the lack of good imaging of instruments and vocals, slight boost in treble, unsatisfactory sound-stage, you might find the lower-end Stax headphones fine products with them winning basically all other categories in terms of detail retrieval etc.

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