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For Sale or Trade: Eddie Current Zana Deux #11

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For Sale or Trade:
Eddie Current Zana Deux #11

Will Ship To: lower48

I got this at the end of June 2013 from second owner who was downsizing


No original box but will pack carefully- I kept the box that it was shipped in to me, same condition. 


 I think this can be use as a preamp but I have been using it with Th900 



I am not picky with used gears but this looks to be in good condition and built to last. 


last pic- a nick on the chassis. Got it like that. Comes with umbilical and power cord


Serial #11 . This is the non-SE version. No longer in production. The difference between the two that I have recently learn- this does not have the ohms selector- might be useful info for somebody



Link below is to the current SE version from Eddie Current's website


Thanks for looking


PM so we can work out the details

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officially for sale

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Holy smokes.



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Aww selling it?

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You always wanted one, DG, do what's right. ;)



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Yeah, rescue this poor amp smily_headphones1.gif
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That's a heck of a deal-especially for an HD800 owner. Sound quality in that rig probably can't be beat until you're at $2500+ range. I'd buy it again in a second if I didn't have a Leviathan being built. 



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this is a great amp! sounds beautiful with HD 800!!! and its in really good condition too, i hope someone buys this soon, very good amp.

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am i missing something here? how is this still available? Wish I had the money/space.  I think I paid around 1900 for mine when I owned one. Sold it for around the same. gl with the sale.

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thanks, a little surprise my self but then again you never know with the market

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What is the difference between this and the SE?

edit: Just saw what you wrote biggrin.gif
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I heard the non-se has a cleaner signal path due to not having the hi/low switch. If you favor high ohm, this is better.
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