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For Sale: [SOLD] GR07 (needs fixing)

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For Sale:
[SOLD] GR07 (needs fixing)

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm back again with another piece. This time it's my in-need-of-fix IEM Vsonic GR07 (MKII I think) that's been used for about 6 months. The plug went bad (was losing signal if I came near the plug) last winter and has not been used since. I resoldered it to a neutrik 3,5mm jack, but when tightening the cap I held the plug with a pair of pliers and "scarred" the plug itself (see pic) so the signal goes bad if you twist the plug... I spent about 3-4 hours getting the soldering right and at this point it's just pure frustration.. So I'd rather sell this off and get the bass edition, since.. Well.. I like bass. And MKII is lacking a bit in that department.


Hit me with some bids if you are interested, I'm shipping this off with the accessories that comes with the bass edition, when that package arrives. (I use foamies and have no need for the accessories).

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Reserved for Juggos for now. 

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Sold to Juggos !

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