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Bluetooth stereo headset

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I'm looking for a decent Bluetooth headset that I can listen to music and make/receive telephone calls.

I've seen these Motorola S-11 Flex HD Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones, but they haven't got very positive reviews.

I'm in the UK. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Impressions of the Sennheiser MX series are usually pretty positive. Bluetooth sound quality in general isn't great though, so you may want to look into a Kleer set. Some come with an adaptor you can plug into your phone to add Kleer functionality if your phone doesn't already have it.
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Thanks for your reply.


Have you got the model numbers? I have been searching the internet for ages and I just can't seem to find a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones that have decent-ish sound, and decent-ish call quality.




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Sorry it was Sennheiser MM series, not MX. There's an MM400, an MM450, and I'm not sure what else. Check their website.
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What about Jaybird gear?  They're awful expensive, so I don't know.


I'm in the hunt for a good bluetooth stereo headset also.  So far I've found the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2, Motorola S11, but nothing much else.

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Jaybird is a popular brand, but I don't think sound quality would be that great. That being said, I haven't heard them myself, so just a guess. Platronics and Motorola are reputable brands so they should be well built and very reliable. Again, audio quality is probably not their priority or expertise.


Sennheiser just came out with an MM550 which is apparently very good. Not cheap though.

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The plantronics one looks really compelling, if it weren't for that terrible battery life. I also found the samsung Hs-3000 which looks decent, I can use my existing headphones with it.
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I have the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 and they are excellent! They are comfortable and actually stay in if you insert them properly (i.e., lift the ear when inserting). Sound is great, bass is deep and clear, mids and highs are well represented. Battery life is VERY short. They advertise 4.5 hrs, but I don't even get 4 hrs. If you get the one with the case that is a portable charging battery, you won't be out in the cold, but you can't use them when charging. For a bluetooth headset, they are the best I have used. I like BT for playing pool and have purchased several headsets. The Monoprice BT have a great sound, but they press on my glasses and are heavy, so, they aren't comfortable for very long. 

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I ended up going with the jaybirds. They are excellent. I do not regret it. I bought foamy tips by comply, because I don't like silicone tips.
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Found several bluetooth threads, this one seems most recent - please let me know if there's a better place for my post...


My question is, do bluetooth headsets generally "remember" multiple pairings? IOW if I buy a set to use alternately on a computer and on a tablet throughout the day, could I switch between them without re-pairing every time?




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Some do and some don't. The product information will generally tell you. 

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Depends on the model.  All of the ones I've used so far, had this feature (Jaybird, Nokia, Motorola).

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Some other bluetooth options would be the ones that allow you to convert any wired headphones to BT.  Personally, I'm looking in to the Sony SBH50 or SBH52 or MW1 and the Samsung HS3000.  They seem to get good marks from people around here but right now my decision on which one really depends on which one would be easier to use with multiple devices.  Anyway, just some other options for those of you out there looking for good BT options... BTW I have the Sennheiser 450-x's and for me they are really good... very portable, good sound, and nice features like talk through and noise cancellation.

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