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The Modi/Magni stack has only been out since the end of last year. But even for a while before that there was the ODAC/O2 for a little bit less than the E09k/E17. The reason to go with the E09k/E17 combo is for people that wanted a portable headphone amp/DAC with the features the E17 has, and then they wanted a way to easily hook it up to speakers.
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Originally Posted by mink42 View Post

Apologies for the lack of replies! Been away for the past week.


At the moment I'm favoring the Magni/Modi stack or the audio-GD. Seems people have many positive things to say about schiit than the fiio combo.


Just wondering why that is? Magni/Modi is 218 from amazon (minus shipping) and the E09k/E17 is 250 odd?


Given the price I would have thought the magni stack would have been vastly more popular?

Fiio products tend to be a bit coloured - their house sound is on the warm side. For the HD600 you're better off with something more neutral.

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Hey guys,


hope you're still on since the last post is already a few month old....

I'm looking for quite a comparable setup. Let's say I'm thinking about buying the Valhalla, because I would like to possess a tube based amp.

Is it reasonable to combine that with the 99$ Modi DAC? Does that makes sense or would you rather not recommend a down-grade setup like this?


Thank you in advance!

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Same here. I just got meself a HD600 at an awesome deal locally.

I'm wondering if the Audinst HUD MX2 is a good pair for these cans.

Any thoughts?

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