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Hello everybody.

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I've always been into car systems. I was always a Fuji eclipse fan with my car audio, then when they selling their products commercialy I switched to alpine series speakers. Now I ride a 2012 kawasaki zx10r and I don't intend on putting a good system in my work vehicle. So now I've been into headphones for a Little while. I have a pair ok klipsch ieb for my bike that work fine for that. I work at a machine shop that is very loud so I need a pair of headphones that i can listen to at work I have tried a few and they all failed for my work environment.( Bose ie2, beats studio, beats pro) I listen to music from heavy to classical. I'm looking to stay under 400$.
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I'd suggest some of the cheaper CIEM options!


Wouldn't advise you to get the bose, they don't isolate much. Neither would I recommend any of the beats lineup, as the general consensus is that it is overpriced and not good build quality either.

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What about Sony xba 4 ip for sound isolating in a loud environment. I listen to a lot of books also music. They need to be comfy because I work 13 hour days. Need help, sick of buying and returning headphones. thank you
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I have no experience with those, but for ultimate comfort and isolation I'd still suggest custom iems.
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Where would I be able to find them. Thank you for answering my questions.
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I also have heard share i4ct integrated sound isolating earphones. There a cheap price but I would like to to know if there a cheaply made product and poor quality with bad sound or a good deal. Sorry for all the questions just want a good pair of iem that sound really good and isolate with comfort.
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I agree with the recommendation for ciem. There are few affordable ones mentioned in this review:


You can also get really good isolation w/ a Westone 4R around that price w/ the triple flange tip. 

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Originally Posted by kratos25 View Post

Where would I be able to find them. Thank you for answering my questions.


Cosmic Ears are very affordable for CIEM's and will give you the isolation and comfort you are looking for, as well as excellent sound quality. They are based in Sweden, so if you are in the UK/Europe there will be no extra import duties or taxes on their prices. I have no connection with Cosmic Ears other than as a very satisfied customer.

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