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For Sale: WTB Shure SE215

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For Sale:
WTB Shure SE215

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking to try a pair of Shure IEMs. I only really want to spend $80 on a pair and I want them to be in good condition. Preferably everything that was included at purchase and no wear on the lettering AT ALL. I chose the SE215 simply because its the only one in this price range. I'm only going to leave this classified up for a few days, and if nobody bites I'll just buy new for $99 on Amazon. Thanks!

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got one looking for a new home


see pics

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I looked at those already actually. The lettering is wore off pretty badly. I want that in perfect condition. Sorry :/
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Yeah, came off first month of use
GL though
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Mine are in good shape. The S in Shure on the left one is a tiny bit worn off the top, and the R on the right one is a little worn off in the top right corner. Doesn't quite meet the condition of no wear at all, but it's close. I'm missing the original box, and one of the medium foam tips, which I actually managed to destroy one of attempting to pull it off initially, damn thing was on tight. Still have the carrying case and all the other tips.,ieS6RWO#0


I also have a UE900 cable along with the stock one, works perfectly with the SE215 for some reason. It's a pretty cool blue braided thing with a volume control and mic. 

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