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Microphone for 2 1/2 foot distance.

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Hello, I'm having trouble finding a microphone that can pick up my voice from at least 2 1/2 feet away, and also cancels out the other sound around me. Main usage will be for things like skype, ect. So far this looks like it might work but not completely sure yet:



But any suggestions would be great, thanks in advance. 

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Right -bassfreek- It only leaves one choice for what you want -high sensitivity + highly directional in a forward direction cutting off  the sides from pick up. And that is a SHOTGUN dynamic microphone this covers ALL your  bases.They work by electromagnetic induction are high gain very directional[in a forward direction] and cheap. Go for it.----Had a look on the net Amazon is filled with them from £10 upwards they are the type used on cameras. Dont know where you live but in the  UK  www.xxl-sale.co.uk  has them but plenty more elsewhere. 

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Keep in mind most professional mics require a good pre-amp. Mics designed for cameras often have battery power and a 1/8" TS plug which would work for you.

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Thank you for the information--65535.--I probably worded it wrong ---some --of the mikes are for use in cameras --most shotgun mikes advertised were for single use. Dynamic shotgun mikes--not used for cameras-- have a higher than normal output in relation to other types. So the information still applies..The polar response of them is exactly what he is after --forward direction--sides cut-off-highly directional. and has a higher gain than a capacitor mike. Which he says isnt sensitive enough.

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