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Originally Posted by dosprompt View Post

No you're not being trolled!

Thank you all for the wonderful and honest responses.  This is what I was hoping to hear.

OK. Fair enough

You seemed to have been MIA for a while. redface.gif
Frankly, not not too sure if I've ever met anyone who was an audio gear head. Snyone whom I've ever known with lots of crazy expensive, elaborate audio gear was also fanatic about music, in the sense they loved music.

Now can someone explain watch collectors to me? rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post

Now can someone explain watch collectors to me? rolleyes.gif

xD, don't we have a thread for that lol 

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Originally Posted by dosprompt View Post

Personally, I hope it starts with the music,  And not the music that has the ability of "sounding" the best or that was recorded the best but the music you love.  I totally understand a quest to start with that music and spend your whole life finding the equipment that helps you hear that in a way that is best for you.  I hope when you get new equipment you want to go back and listen to all your favorite albums and find small pieces that you never heard before, rather than wanting to go out and buy new albums with a better range.


This is exactly what got me into audiophile gear. I could not agree with you more. Great post!

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^^^ agree dosprompt & tvolpe1600 ! I do that all the time, I listen to my favorite songs with every combination I can, so in the end is it still about music !? hmm interesting never thought about it that way...felt I'm going crazy town with Gear-Fi, so this makes me feel good immensely !

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Nice discussion here. I enjoyed music for a very long time without even thinking audiophile gear even really did very much, not really paying a lot of attention to what was possible as I would buy things that seemed nice to me, and I always enjoyed the music. I've been to a lot of shows over the years, being in multiple bands, and during a good 10 year period music really helped me get through a lot of stuff. I took it on as a big part of my identity. I got sucked into head-fi by a friend of mine and it all seemed exotic and interesting and hyperbolic.


After a few experiments and demos in local shops as well as when I was travelling around, I was pretty shocked. I think the first headphone that really made me want to get something for myself was the AKG K240 S. The store I auditioned played me sgt peppers, and well, I was very pleased with how it sounded. So of course I would always want to listen to music like this if I have the means. I still have my Grado SR80i and my HiFiman RE0, the latter which I still use when I reach for earbuds. The grados I like to use when I cycle cause I can hear everything outside around me.


It's a nice hobby and I'm generally pretty into stuff like this, but I love music so when you hear like... that one album expressed on a new level, it's a pretty nice time. I think the first album that blew me away was a rip of Daft Punk's Discovery Vinyl, the vinyl master is near perfect. An album that I was only really on the fence with previously came to light as one of my favorite albums due to my audio gear being able to fully express the dynamics, textures, and those little details that to me, brought me closer to the emotion behind the song, the feeling of the person playing that instrument. To me that is a very important thing in music, the feeling of how a person is playing their instrument.


I agree that it could very easily be a troll post but we're all such a bunch of nerds that it doesn't matter so carry it away. It's a nice thing to talk about.  I won't say that there aren't people out there like the OP mentioned where they are really more into their system than they are the music and that's fine with me. It's up to them how they want to enjoy their hobby.

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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

xD, don't we have a thread for that lol 

Yeah, I've seen the "Watch-Fi" thread.


I guess I'm not into expensive "Man Jewelry"!    Even if I was how many watches do you need? They all tell time!

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vinyl or cd?
















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Originally Posted by dosprompt View Post

vinyl or cd?

















The two watches I own have stainless steel casings.


I've never seen a vinyl watch. Not too sure what CDs are made of.

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Admittedly I'm only a kid, who's entire system including multiple headphones, 1 amp/dac cost less than what some people on here have spent on a single headphone, but I have listened to Shine on you crazy diamond and sky moves sideways every day for the last 7 years. You can take everything if it means I can't listen to those two(just leave me my cowon and a pair of ****ty white earbuds)

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Sure we like music. I don't use my system to run test tones.
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Your observation is very valid.  But at Head-Fi it is a much better situation at the high end forums that are about speaker-based systems.   Head-Fiers are way more into music I believe.  Maybe part of it is that you can't as easily show off, while narrating and pointing in space about how great your system is like you can in every speaker based system.  


Employed in high end for 3 decades, my observation has been that many of the lower priced system owners enjoy their systems than the megabucks guys do.


Ever drive a twisty road in Southern California and see how slowly most real expensive Porsche owners, Ferrari owners, Lambo owners drive their cars?  Most would not know a good handling care if it slapped them in the face.  Poseurs, moist of them.  Prestige chasers.  Trying to impress others, but more pathetic, trying to impress themselves that they have made it.  Meanwhile, some guy on an original Mini or old Porsche 914 is sliding his car through corners, heel-tow braking and downshifting, and driving the car near the limit. Or they are at the track.  They are the real drivers, the real driving enthusiasts.


Those poseur drivers putting along showing off are like a lot of audio guys on other forums.  They talk the talk of living music, but never go hear the real thing.  Talk the talk but don't walk the walk.


Now, that's fine, if equipment worship is more their goal than feeding the music addiction.  What bugs me is the hypocrisy: spouting dogmatically about what is the best, when they don't even know the sound of music.  Which is why some $100k+ speakers that don't sound very good can sell well.  

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Originally Posted by Operakid View Post

What bugs me is the hypocrisy: spouting dogmatically about what is the best, when they don't even know the sound of music.  Which is why some $100k+ speakers that don't sound very good can sell well.  

I heard that some very expensive speaker makers would be selling extremely bright, almost knife-to-the-eardrum bright speakers because their target audience is prestige seeking older males who naturally have a decreased sensitivity in the high frequencies. It makes sense, although I pity the son and the dog that one of those old guys might have around. I couldn't listen to Focal Scala Utopia in an audio expo, the seller blamed the "cheap" bright silver cables.


Other than that, Operakid, I don't necessarily agree with all prestige- or trophy purchases being bad or pathetic. Of course there are those cases which mostly do it because of the pure show-off factor, but it can be an enormous sense of achievement for someone who has worked hard to get there and is finally able to live an upper-middle class life. I was planning on a saving a good deal of money towards a car (although I would rather get something spacious and functional, like Skoda Superb), and to be brutally honest I would get pretty looking interconnect cables (pretty looking, not necessarily brand or expensive) if I could spare any money towards unnecessary stuff right now. One shouldn't be ashamed of some well earned self-indulgence.

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Operakid: Interesting comment, because the system I liked the sound of the best out of all I've heard in stores would cost only about $15k. It was a set of ELAC speakers and modded SET amps.

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Hey Cat Face, we are on the same page.  Consumption as a reward is fine.  My issue is that then so many of these folks in audio use that expensive system as a badge of their own expertise, and pontificate to others about how it is the best, most real sounding gear, citing manufacturer technical claims along the way (without understanding any of it), as they talk the talk about real music without walking the walk of going to hear it. Which brings us back to the OP's question of whether audiophiles like music.  All of my comments are really directed back to that, supporting conclusion I've come to in 30+ years in the industry, which is that the majority don't really care so much about it.  


Now, Currawong, he is an example of someone who looked beyond the hype, heard things he liked that are not the fashionable "review darlings".  I wish more would do this.  

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I dunno, I just heard ELAC speakers for the first time in Tokyo (from a different system) and thought: YES. This is it.  There's a company in the UK that uses ELAC drivers in a sealed enclosure with E.A.R. amps built in to make active speakers. I'm totally sold.


On the other side of the coin, I recall a story from a meet where someone had a top-of-the-line headphone set-up, but only had a playlist full of rubbish music. That, to me, is Doing it Wrong and maybe an example of a similar kind of problem as people buying TOTL systems because they can afford it and no other reason. But then, maybe the question that needs to be asked more when people want better gear is: "What music do you like?" and "What do you wish to achieve with better gear?"

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