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Your music player..

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Hi all,


I'm simply curious to know what music/media player you use on your computer, why you like it and possibly if you'd recommend it.


I personally am still using window media player, the version that natively comes with windows 7.

To be fair, I dont know that many other media players, and this one has worked great so far for me. Plus, I like the possibility of rating your songs (makes it easier for me to listen exactly to what I want), and now that I've rated over 10k+ songs, I'm kind of afraid to change to an other one ^^


However, now that I'm starting to get into better quality music, I notice that wmp is not made to support FLAC files, and that annoys me (well, there is a way to make them readable, but you can't see the length of the file, which is annoying...)


I also use VLC for music from time to time, but mostly for videos, really.


Feel free to share : )

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MusicBee is what I use. Foobar is equally good but MusicBee is a little easier to configure and personalize, IMO.


Both are similar to an iTunes look but are pretty lightweight programs that won't eat up all your resources, and as far as I know they can play just about anything.

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Thanks for the info, I just started using MusicBee and I already like it.


I do need to spend some time looking at its features to see if I'll keep it, but it seems to have everything I need/want (even the stars rating ! ^^)


It also seems much lighter than wmp and Itunes.

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I have always used and still use Winamp, still think it's a great little piece of software and it supports many formats and has support for many plugins.

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I use MediaChest on computer, however I started using music barrel when I play music using Raspberry Pi. I like wbe interface when I can control music player from my phone or tablet.

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I usually use XBMC for everything. It works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. That makes it easier when I switch between systems--one slick interface that I am familiar with.


I like the fact that you can either browse files, or switch to "library view" which lets you search and list by artist, album, genre etc. You have several views including album thumbs, you can create smart playlists, there are tons of add-ons etc. etc. And it also does any sort of video very well.


It's really worth checking it out, doesn't cost anything either.

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