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Need Suggestions

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My Pioneer SE-MJ5s are starting to wear down after 4 years. Looking for a new pair of headphones with a balance for music, portable gaming, and movies on my tablet. I listen to mostly electronic, k-pop, hip-hop, and orchestral. My budget is $200. I want them to also have decent bass without it being overpowering. I tried out some Sony X-10s in a Best Buy and loved how comfortable they were and how good the noise isolation was. Bass and price were a bit too much though. Over ear preferred. On-ear is ok is covered with a soft material like the X-10s are.


Currently looking at:


Audio Technica ATH-M50

Monster Inspiration

Sony MDR-X10

SteelSeries 51100 Siberia V2 (Don't care about the mic at all on these)



Would love some other suggestions within my budget as well as to hear from people who own or have tried the headphones that I'm considering.

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Akg K550 is easy to drive and will have a good balanced sound, without excessive bass. They can be had for about $170 used. in addition if your at home the Beyer Dynanmic Dt 990 is another excellent option! As is the Dt 880, although they may need amps, as teh cheaper Pro Versions are usually 250 ohms, although an E11 does a nice job of driving them both an it's around $35 dollars here on head fi! 


The same applies to upper mids and lower treble, I just love the weighty attack of the Dt 990, and w1000x respectively. The w1000x has a little more decay and body which is nice. Both compliment each other really, as slower songs enjoy that slight extra body n decay, 

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I'll have to look into those. Thanks for the comment. :)

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Alright...So I bought some Sony MDR-V55s from Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart had them on clearance for $30. I haven't gone through any kind of burn-in period with them yet and they already put my old Pioneer SE-MJ5s to shame. I'm glad these were cheap though. Still need to find an over ear alternative.

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