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Best way to connect?

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Didn't think ahead of the buy so now I need to sort it out.

Connections: Xonar Essence STX ---> Denon DRA-397 to my speakers and Little Dot MK V to my headphones

So,I have 1 rca output, 1 headphone ouput and one spdif and both take rca inputs only

My receiver doesn't take spdif inputs,so can't use that one.


So I tought of getting a 6.45mm to rca splitter to connect directly to my LD or should I get a rca splitter?


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So you are using the Essence STX's RCA output to feed your receiver or the MkV?  Did I get that right?


An RCA splitter is the best idea.  Then, when you want only headphones, you turn off the receiver, and when you want to use speakers, you turn off the MkV.  If you have both on, the STX's output will be trying to drive two loads and that will affect the sound negatively.  I could be somewhat wrong about this last part.

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