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New Meets

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I decided to make this thread for us to use indefinitely to announce new meets, and from there, make a thread for said meet.

Once a meet has been announced, the poster could link to the thread containing all the details for that meet, and discussion of that meet.

This is more a thread to agree on a future date, than actual planning.

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Beginning planning for Austin 2014. I'm trying to get the bigger room at the same venue we were at last year so we have more space to spread out and thus have a quieter room. Dates for this room fill quickly so March is almost completely booked already. March 29th is available, so we need to decide soon if that is a date that will work. The room will cost a good bit more than last time so I will have to be creative in paying for it. I don't want to increase the entry fee for members which was $20 last time, but I can bump vendors up a little bit. Even then we'll need some extra help from anyone who can. The room is expected to run about $1900 total compared to last year's $1300. We managed to profit $50 last year so that is a good start. There will be some supplies to pay for again, but not as much as last time as I ended up getting more gaffing tape than we needed. We ended up with about 50 attendees and 6 vendors + staff last year, so I'm hoping we can increase that by at least 10% to help offset the increased room cost.

If March 29th doesn't work, we'll need to try to push into April. There are a couple of early February dates available, but one of them is the same day as the San Francisco meet and the other is just a week before that, meaning, if any vendors would be interested in Austin, those dates wouldn't work well.
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