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Bravo Audio V3

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Just got my bravo audio v3 in, worked great for 20 minutes, now it just crackles? Any idea?


EDIT - seems like it overheated after such a short amount of time, any ideas? And it stopped again after working a few minutes... 


It is definitely some kind of power/heating issue. When watching videos that are just talking, it runs fine, but listening to music for 5 minutes destroys it. I rigged a PC fan to run near it, but that isn't going to be able to be a permanent solution. 

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Not sure how much it would help, it's a long shot.

You can get a digital multi-meter (DT830, $7) and try balancing and fine adjusting the voltage.

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DT830 digital multi-meter


There are some dedicated threads on Head-fi for the Bravo tube amplifier.


Also there are some detail threads on those little tube amplifiers on the Rockgrotto website.

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Ok I got DT830, now what am I looking for?

I did post in the dedicated thread, it got overlooked.

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If you're still able to return the Bravo, I highly recommend the Project Starlight.  Even the $160 base unit is miles ahead of the v3 in sound, quality of components, how long it will last etc.  Most people that buy the v3 find that they have to work on it, replace parts etc. to get it working correctly or sounding good.  That's part of the fun for some people, but if that's not you then check out the Starlight:

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I don't mind, they said they would replace my unit but I'm not sure another just wont have the same overheating problems.

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From what I've read, they take work and attention over time.  Here's a thread I spent some time reading:

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Yeah as I said, I posted there and it got overlooked.

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btw: crackling/static distortion can be caused by any data signal near your bravo v3 amp (aka if your phone is nearby).


if you have an android phone, you can download the llama app to automatically turn off your data connection & enable wifi when you're at home.

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I just got my Bravo V3 also. Many assembly issues including heat sink screws on the LM317 transistors about to fall out or loose. Maybe yours had the same issue. The EQ is almost useless so I have the EQ bypassed and It sounds worlds better. I'm contemplating returning it for a V1. 

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