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$450 (USD)
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For Sale:
SET Tube amplifier

Will Ship To: lower 48

This is a nice true SET headphone amp custom built by an engineer.  It has two chassis's, one for the power supply and a second for the amp with an umbilical cord.  Power is dual mono, one power transformer per channel, one 5AR4 rectifier tube per channel,  and one Salas Shunt Regulator per channel.  Output is one WE417A (5842) per channel (led bias), and 5k:32 output transformers.  Fimament is regulated DC.  Amplifier has a completely black background with Grados.  It works equally well with Sennsand AKG's.  .Salas regs have K75 bypassed with Russian teflons.  There are no capacitors in the signal path. A commercial amp of this caliber would cost several times the asking price, the amp will power anything short of Hifiman HE5&6 series (does good with the HE400.) 


Main Expensive Parts  (sum worth more than asking price of the amp):

NOS Amperex 5842 x2

JJ 5AR4 x 2

Hammnond 269JX x2 power transformers

Custom Electra Print 5k:32 output transformers.

Hammond chokes


Cosmetics of the amp are nice but not extraordinary  Prefer a buyer who has experience with DIY and builder will provide technical service via email should anything happen.  Shipping  will be ~$50 USPS parcel post to lower 48.

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