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I don't have any Schiit products just yet but I'll be ordering the Valhalla and the Bifrost in the very near future and I absolutely can not wait. Also be ordering some Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones. It's gonna be amazing to say the least.

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Nice post some impressions of them after 50+ or 100+ hours, or add some reviews on the gear page.  Hope you enjoy them. And remember adding usb to the bifrost is extra and if you want to you could find any of those used on ebay or the forms. 

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Cool, I love Schiit gear. I only have the Asgard, but I love it. It really seems to bring out the best in all my headphones using the very modest setup I have now, which is an iPod LOD to the amp, playing either 256 or 320 AAC files. Occasionally I'll use my computer to the amp, but the iPod seems to sound better overall. Do post some impressions. I've been contemplating a Bifrost for some time now.

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