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Hey Head-Fi!


I need some help for my next IEM purchase! I'm not a complete stranger to IEM; I've had the Westone UM1, Sony XBA3, and JVC FXZ100, and liked them for various reasons:

  • Westone UM1: my first IEM - great comfort and sturdy, but sounded veiled and muffled beside ....
  • Sony XBA3: great detail, sounds more "clear", but the trebles sounded harsh and not quite right ....
  • JVC FXZ100: got these for curiousity. The bass/sub-bass is very addictive; gives the music the "presence" when needed, but it has the same muffled-ness of the UM1 for the mids and trebles


So I'm trying to look for an IEM that has

  • Must: The clarity, liveliness, and detail of XBA3 without the "fake" treble. No "muddiness".
  • Preferably: The bass of the FXZ100, or just great bass when needed - EDM, epic movie soundtracks or even a classical orchestral pieces
  • Would be nice: The great comfort of a Westone (I'm alright with over the ear types)


I suspect I enjoy V-shaped sounds; an engaging sound is what I'm after. I listen to a huge range of genres (from classical to acoustic to rock to EDM). I'm mainly shopping in the $100-250 range at the moment, but if there is a great top tier IEM in the $300 range (eg. Westone 4R, Heir 4ai etc.) I would seriously consider it. Please let me know what you guys think!