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LCD-3 isn't for everyone, but HD 800 is definitely a great choice and if you can, check out the beyerdynamic T1 one day! its one hell of a headphone and to this date, my favorite. 

The T1 is not for everybody either, more so than LCD3 in my opinion. ( It would be wise to audition them before buying them ).

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I didn't read this entire thread, but right now I'm using an m903 with an LCD-2 (no amp in-between) and I like it quite a lot. I never had the sense there was something lacking in the Grace as a headphone amp, but I would be curious is that really is the general opinion--i.e. is it a good DAC but not a good amp?



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hi there, 


I am a prfessional recording and mixing audio engineer @ Grip Loc Entertainment.


My friend James @ Stefan Audioart highly recomended me the Beyerdynamics T5P closed back headphones over the HD 800s. He said the Beyer T5p's are thus far the best headphones he found for monitoring instruments and mixing.


James S. was a sennheiser engineer for years and helped develop their headphones so I trust his judgement in this department. I presently am using K702s and multiple k240s and k271s in my studio.


I would like to state that I personally would have liked to demo the T5P's first but my long time audio store long and mcquade could only bring in the hd800s and the akg k812s.


I read in this thread you felt the T5P's are too 'closed in' sounding but from what ive read up on and heard on reviews is that they have a soundstage that is quite large so Im confused and rather worried i might have made the wrong decision on purchasing these headphones.

I will receive them in about 2 weeks and i am getting the cabling upgraded to an hardwired endorphin cable through stefan audioart.


so you have an idea of my current setup i am using an apogee symphony i/o with an imac into protools native. my current nearfields are mackie HR 824 MKIIs. id like to point out that the k702s translate very well with the mackies in most of the freq spectrum other than the lf  field.


Any more information you could provide with your experience using the T5Ps would be helpful!



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