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Advice on audio components for a preexisting build?

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I'm posting to ask for advice on a headset and possibly a soundcard. I'm big into gaming, but I listen to a bit of music and watch some movies too, and I've got a pretty nice build and headset now but have had trouble figuring out what I should do and know very little about sound cards/computer audio, so I figured that here would be a good place to ask.


Currently, I run:


i5 3570k
EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW 4gb
650w Corsair PSU
2x120~GB Samsung 840 Pro Series SSDs


When I built it, I wasn't really focused on the audio, but lately I've had some discomfort issues from my corsair vengeance 2000 and came across a bit of money. I've really enjoyed the convenience of wireless gaming headsets and not being on a leash, but I know that USB based headsets can't work through sound cards. I'm not really sure whether I should pick up a wireless headset (or if any of them can be used with sound cards) or a wired headset and just put up with the range, but I know that I want a headset + mic combo.


I'm not really an audiophile per se, but I recognize that I could probably get more out of the games I play if I didn't neglect my sound. I'd like the best possible setup that I can get (but wouldn't mind taking a hit if I could get wireless on a card somehow) and the best comfort possible, and I basically have no budget. I had looked at the Astro A50s, and I know that they connect through optical port, but I'm not sure if a sound card would help them any because I think that the mixamp takes care of that for it.


 TL;DR Looking for a headset + mic, hopefully wireless, and possibly a sound card that will bring my audio to the next level. I can pay anything as long as the quality warrants it and I'll notice a difference.


Thanks so much for the help! I totally don't grok audio xD

EDIT: I'm in a dorm, which is why it has to be a headset. I'd totally love speakers, but they're not viable where I'm at.

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Ah, this should probably be in "Introductions, help and recommendations" Sorry about the trouble; Is there any way to get it moved?

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I know zero about wireless headphones.


Audio Technica ATH-A900X closed headphones, $155, plus tax/shipping.



Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z or Zx sound card, $90-$126, plus tax/shipping.

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