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Grado SR80i question concerning stamping

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I recently ordered and received a new pair of Grado SR80i headphones from Crutchfield audio,they sound fine though do (even after burn in) have a bit more high end than my SR60i's and more detail ,crazy as it sounds I kinda prefer the SR60i (that could just be the source I am using which is a Sony NWZ-E345 walkman or the fact that my old ears simply prefer softer highs,either way I am happy with both models. but I noticed that when i look at the magnet on the back of the SR80i driver's (by using a flashlight to look inside the grille) I don't see the stamped ink lettering GRADO 32 like I do on my pair of SR60i's which I have had for approximately 4.5 years now,and I wondered is this normal?


It just seems to me that if Grado took the time to stamp the SR60i why wouldn't they do the same for the SR80i? the picture I submitted here is not of my pair of SR60i's but one I found online (I looked everywhere for one of the SR80i with no luck) these SR60i drivers/magnet look the same as the pair I own but when I shine the flashlight into the grille of my SR80i's,the magnet on the back of them I notice the finish is much shinier/smoother and there is no lettering of any kind stamped on them.


I just want to be certain I got real Grado's (I realize this may seem paranoid,after all I purchased them from a reputable distributor and besides if someone were going to swap out drivers I'm pretty sure they would do it with far more expensive Grado models and not the SR80i,still for my own peace of mind I would like to know.any feedback from other Grado SR80i owners is greatly appreciated.Thanks - Matt

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My SR80i matches the description you're giving of yours, and was purchased from an authorized dealer - pretty shiny and no stamp on the back.

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Thanks,that good to hear from another SR80i owner.I was fairly sure that since Crutchfield are an authorized Grado dealer they are on the level,I just for some reason needed to hear it from someone else as it was driving me crazy as I couldn't find a picture of the Grado SR80i driver (at least not the backside of it) anywhere online.


They do sound great and seem to be getting warmer with every listen (which is exactly the way my SR60i's responded).I'll most likely end up liking them better than the SR60i's once i get my Sony F series walkman which can play FLAC files.


it's primarily on MP3 files that the SR80i's seem to reveal a bit too much sibilance and any artifacting and more so on vbr files or cbr at 192kbps and below than on 320kbps files.I suppose if I do like the SR60i better now its primarily because they are more forgiving with MP3 files.either way I love Grado and my next headphone purchase will be the SR225i which I understand have the least amount of sibilance and yet retain all the detail and forward mids and natural bass response.thanks again!

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Yup, I hear what you're saying about them getting warmer with every listen.  When I got mine I couldn't stand them at first, but either the treble has gotten much better or I just got used to the sound, because I grew to like them quite a bit.  Still can't stand them with lousy sources though.  I picked up some HD650s recently that are wonderful - a really nice contrast with the Grados for a different kind of sound.  Enjoy the SR80i's!

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Update.well I have had the SR80i for four months now and as expected (and hoped for) they did indeed warm up and any sign of sibilance is gone on all the recordings that used to plague me (two major examples being AC/DC's Back in Black and the song Friends of Mine by Duran Duran from the eponymous first album) .


now as to which I like better the 60i or the 80i thats still up for debate as I love them both immensely,though the 80i definitely have better highs and a tad more bass (regardless of what the Headroom frequency chart shows,never did trust those anyway.


according to their readings the Grado PS500 and Koss PortaPro are almost identical headphones) and while I don't own either atm (had a pair of PortaPros about 20 years back and they were great but not Grado great) I have a very difficult time believing that the PortaPros come anywhere within earshot of the PS500.hopefully one day I can do a side by side comparison.but for now my 60i and 80i are more than enough to satisfy my sonic palette.

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