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Originally Posted by m-i-c-k-e-y View Post  I think it's more on the ability of handling 'future' formats. And having DSD256 can't wait to do some upsamples and hear If there's a difference..

Yeah, I know, but I just feel Larry's time [right now] could be better spent on other things... ;)


DSD256 support can wait until later on...

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He is. Let me post here what he said yesterday:


  • Larry Ho
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I'm totally focus on Geek Pulse/ LPS4 and new cables now...
We are happy about the current progress.

Next new EP should be here soon.

2014 projects begin!
Lead Engineer/ LH Labs




DSD256 was a feature request by some on the LH Labs forum...And Larry was committed to do it AFAIK.

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Originally Posted by Audio Addict View Post

Surprised it is running so warm. Is it biased as a Class A amp?




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Does it always upsample?
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Has anyone else received their?  Some more impressions?

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Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post


Great and all, but how many actual files are there that are in DSD256 format? In the same vein, I've always wondered how many people who get Antelope DACs have actually heard the DSD512 support... :blink:

Also software based over-sampling where you can set your own filtering parameters and over-ride all or part of the internal filtering.

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Well, another delay for my GEEK Out it seems since I got a black 450.


From the recent email:


"As you know, we shipped out 100 units on February 28.  Many of you have asked why you didn't get yours if you were one of the first backers.  This is a good and valid question.  The reason you may not have received yours is because our first 100 units were "Super Duper Geeks" (Geek Out 1000) in silver only.  If you ordered a regular Geek (Geek Out 450), a "Super Geek" (Geek Out 720), had a combination of Geek configurations, or ordered your Geek Out 1000 in a color other than silver, we couldn't deliver yours in that batch.  I'm sorry I'm only telling you about this now.  Our production manager, Rich, is tasked with the very difficult job of figuring out the best order to manufacture the units in, and determined (based on parts availability and vendor ability) to do it that way.


On Friday, we will be shipping out our next 200 units.  These units will also be Geek Out 1000's.  We'll be shipping them in black, silver, red, and blue and will start at the top of the list (the order in which the contributions were pledged).  We still don't have our Kickstarter Green chassis here, as we've had to reject two batches because the anodized color turned out to be more of an olive drab.  They didn't pass our QC.  I hope they'll get it right and deliver them to us on Friday, but it will be too late to put them together and ship them out in this batch.


Now some bad news.  I'm sorry to report that we're likely not going to make our March 28 deadline to ship out the remainder of the units.  We may be able to get 300 or so out, but we can't be certain.  I'll keep you informed in the next week about the progress and when we'll be able to get the rest out.  Right now, we think there may be a two week delay on the final batch.

I know this is really bad news, and I hate delivering to you.  But I want you to know that with all of the challenges that we've faced, our production team has shown incredible poise.  Larry's team is working long, smart hours to address the issues as they come up, even hand soldering many of the units we're shipping to try to meet the deadlines that I've laid down.  I've had the easiest task in the company: to show you the product and ask you to back us.  The hard work is happening behind the scenes."

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Originally Posted by pearljam50000 View Post  Does it always upsample?


The answer is most likely "no"...



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I have a black 450 too. long wait ahead...

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I have a silver 450 but I kinda wanna switch to black because it would match all of the gear on my desk much better. Anyone wanna trade a black for a silver?

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I would love for my Geek Out 1000 in red to be in that list, but seeing as how they mentioned those who ordered multiples will be later, I doubt that's the case.

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Feeling slightly ticked off that it's the most expensive Super Duper GEEKS with silver enclosures shipping off first instead of according to backer order. And of course I would have ordered the green one. I would've thought enclosures would have been dealt with separately from the USB issues as they aimed for the January release so anodizing issues could have been dealt with way earlier than this.

So I can pretty much expect to get my GEEK last because it's a green 450. Great stuff.
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Quote: Larry Ho
There will be the real 'LIMITED Edition' or we call 'Signature Edition' coming out after we finish delivering the Kickstarters' Geek Out. Best component, Hand matching and go to extreme.


Wait, what? This was taken from the LH Labs forum. If Larry's not pulling our legs there will be a limited edition coming after the Kickstarter stuff is all said and done.

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Losing respect for LH, to be honest. They're really milking the GEEK for all it's worth before even getting the darned thing out. First they come up with differing amp sizes for more money instead of just the standard GEEK, then they start on the Pulse campaign before they've wrapped things up on the GEEK Out. Now they're already working at a Limited Edition before they've even fulfilled their responsibility to get the original GEEK out to backers. How many people will receive their regular GEEKs and feel stung that it's already been updated with a signature line that they would prefer?

Limited edition, signature lines are fine when you already have a successful product that's been on the market for a while. You don't start with limited edition talk before you've even got the original product out!

Next I bet the GEEK Out will have a street price that comes at or very close to what backers paid. Just so it feels especially pointless to have backed them at the early adopter prices. So the only special thing about early adopting is the option of a green chassis that they're having such a hard time getting right (even though I recall talk of finalizing colour samples being done way back). Then down the line (probably before some of the backers even get the GEEKs) I'm sure they'll offer a whole array of different colors including green.

Yeah, I'm not impressed with this business strategy LH is using. Aren't we supposed to be able to pull out of Kickstarter backing that doesn't meet its stated deadline? Because at this rate I feel like I might rather wait on the GEEK product lineup being stabilized and actually RELEASED.
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I totally agree.
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