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My AKG K240 sextett's need a new cable and I have decided to add a Y split instead of keeping the original one side cable configuration. I have been reading over the DIY posts for recabling and I have assembled a list for the things that I will need. Hopefully I can get suggestions on the parts I chose so I can get stuff ordered. As of right now the only thing I have is the cable which is 10ft of Canare L-4E6S. For the plug I chose a NEUTRIK NP3X-B 1/4". At the Y split I am going to heat shrink the split, then twist a pair of wires to each driver. I am going to heat shrink each pair with 3/32" 2:1 wrap and then cover them with 3/16" nylon multifilament. From the Y-split down, I am going to use paracord. Do I have to cut the outer layer from the Canare cable for the paracord sleeving to fit? All my options seem like a pretty basic set up from what I have been reading but just wanted other people's opinions about what I have chosen to do and use. Also I was wondering if instead of going straight to the 1/4" plug, could I add a mini XLR female and then make a XLR male to 1/4" plug cable. So it's sort of like an Xbox cable where it can disconnect. Just for aesthetics really but if it will damper the sound quality then I won't do it. The plugs for the XLR set up would be Neutrik NC3FX-B and Neutrik NC3MX-B. For the Y split, should I split off the main cable and shrink wrap like I wanted above or would cutting 2 12" pieces from my 10ft cable be better so that the cable is the same thickness from the plug to the cans. What do you guys think?


Plug : Neutrik NP3X-B 1/4" or Switchcraft 35HDNN/Canare F-12 for a 3.5mm

Cable : Canare L-4E6S.

Y split : 3/32" heat shrink after the Y-split then heat shrink the center Y-split with 1/2" heat shrink.

Above the Y split : should I twist two cables and heat shrink then nylon multifilament over or use the 2 12" pieces of the Canare L-4E6S instead and connect them together.

Cable wrap : No more techflex, looking at paracord 550 now. Do I need to strip the cover from my Canare L-4E6S. and slip the paracord sleeve over?

Possible mini-XLR : Neutrik NC3FX-B and Neutrik NC3MX-B. (Male/Female)

Hopefully I made sense on what I want. I am not too sure on the shrink wrap sizes but yea. Let me know guys. Thanks!