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Hey, I was wondering if the optimal setup is having a soundcard with a 7.1 surround toslink digital output to the receiver with the "dolby headhpone" button turned on on the actual device. Anyone know?

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I've been what seems like all over the internet trying to find out if there is a solution to my problem and so far here seems to be the most knowledgeable. My laptop doesn't have a place for the TOS link cable. I don't have to have digital, but I would at least like stereo and right now it's stuck in mono. I read through this thread and saw that one of you (Eric_C) mentioned a way to make "true stereo" a possibility. How can I do that? Is it possible with what I've got (an Asus P43E model) or would I have to purchase something additional?

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Sesq92: that's my config. Internal soundcard (Asus xonar dx), optical cable, to PLYR1 base station. xonar set to 8 channels, output = optical (Dolby); plyr1 set to Dolby Headphone.

Quillik: lemme double check settings when I get home in an hour
Update: just tried USB only. It works in some instances. Here's my settings:

iTunes works (on Windows). But I can't hear YouTube. I can hear on the Apple Trailers page.
Skype works for chat only--when I called the "echo sound test", I don't hear the ringtone, but I can hear the pre-recorded message just fine.
The digital cable is still connected, though I'm not outputting any sound through it. All in all I would say it's risky to get a PLYR1 in an attempt to use it USB only.

Amazon reviews suggest that even PLYR2 shouldn't be used for USB only:
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the asus xonar dx doesn't have an optical toslink connection O.o how u do that?

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Originally Posted by sesq92 View Post

the asus xonar dx doesn't have an optical toslink connection O.o how u do that?

And where did you get that information from? Because:


(from Box Contents) "...an S/PDIF optical out adapter..."

"...the fifth jack doubles as optical S/PDIF out and microphone/line in"

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woahhhhhhhhhhhh it totally doesn't look like it could, didn't see that adapter. that is amazing. thanks!

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I decided to get the Asus Xonar U3  (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132022) if anyone cares. :D

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Thanks for the response! I was mainly trying to fix it so that my game sounds would work a little better and I could actually hear some semblance of directional sound. When I was first trying to find out things about them, what I found was fairly limited. Most of the reviews just said how good the sound quality was and no one was actually showing how to set the system up for PC, so I was unsure whether or not the quality transferred to USB only. Your response really helped clear that up. I'm already looking into purchasing a new computer, so I'll be sure to look for one that has what I need.


There's nothing wrong with the sound quality, it's nice and clear, it's just that it won't even allow basic stereo. I know you said that the stereo works in some instances, but if I click on the configure button, my only option is to configure it mono. Maybe it does play stereo in some instances and I just haven't noticed.


Anyway, thanks again for the help!

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Quillick check out the ASUS Xonar U3. It does exactly what you need actually and it will get you 7.1 surround via usb and gives you a toslink connection to it! It is also very mobile and only 40 dollars! gl.

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Really? Oh wow, thanks! I'm on a tight budget at the moment, but I will definitely look into it and keep it in mind for after the holiday season.

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yea my only question/concern is is it better to (after the 7.1 dolby digital mix) use the device's dolby headphone or the plyr1's dock dolby headphone.. hmmm.. i guess i'll test it out when when I get my U3.

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That's a good point. I would assume that it would be best to use the dock that came with the PLYR1's since it's the one that is "coded"/"configured"/paired to the device, but I suppose the U3 might actually perform better? If you find out I'd love to know.

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yea I heard the ASUS encoding or whatever is amazing and thats why the U3 is so good. I'll let you know if I find out.

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That Xonar U3 looks like amazing value for money, and a great option for laptop gamers (finally!) too. I might pick one up for a friend who games on a laptop.


Re: Dolby Headphone on U3 vs DH on PLYR1, I'd just assume that it's the exact same tech so the execution is equal. In fact, if I was gaming on a laptop, or strictly at my desktop, the U3 looks like a good alternative to the PLYR1 entirely...why pay twice for the same feature (Dolby Headphone)? The PLYR1 makes sense mainly because it combines a bunch of features at a decent price--wireless, headset, DH processing. IMHO the wireless aspect is a big selling point (at least it is for me); but for gamers who simply don't need it, please reconsider the purchase.


In any case, if you have both U3 and PLYR1, the only config to avoid is:

DH on U3 > analogue cable > PLYR1

I know, I know. A dumb setup. But I thought it safer just to point it out, as that would be double amping an analogue signal.

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oh really? i don't really know what double amping is. Would the plyr2 work with the U3 to basically make a plyr1 in that case? cause that sounds like an even cheaper/better option.. especially if you don't have a hardware soundcard already.

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