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For Sale:
MHDT Labs Havana DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

MHDT Labs Havana for trade here.  I just moved and I no longer have space for a desktop sized rig. I think this is a great DAC for the price, also there's a big thread on modding the havana here on head-fi.  Mine is not modded, and works like new. There are one or two blemishes on the unit that you can only see if you are about 1 foot away. These marks are on the faceplate.


Ships from California. If you live in the Bay Area and you want to pick it up that's fine with me.


I have 3 or 4 spare tubes, for the havana, RCA, Tsung Sol, Sylviana, as well as the stock tube and possibly one other, I know I have those three for sure and whatever else I can find I will ship to you.  Thanks.


Tubes can be rolled: 5670, 2C51, 396A, 6385, 6CC42, 6854, 6N3, 6854, CV2575, CV4013, CV5894, CV8247, CV2381.


I will pay for the shipping if you eat the paypal fees. Feel free to use paypal gift if you feel you can trust me, but that's up to you of course :)