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JVC HA-FXC51.. Woah impressive!

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I was bored last week so i thought i would scout for some new in ears.. Stumbled across these FXC51, the micro HD driver and the placement of it made me pull the trigger. First impressions is very positive! 

Soundstage is impressive. I have not heard an iem sound so "airy" as these. Bass is perfectly weighted and highs are crisp and clear. I would like the midrange to be a bit more prominent, but for the money it might be to much to ask. 


The first impression downsides? 


Cable is rather flimsy and weak. I would love to have an angled 3,5mm plug on these. Since the housings are vented, they leak more then average. Isolation is not super, but good enough. 


i bought a set of Sony XBA-1ip for my phone when i was in germany. I paid very much for them but i had money to spend at the moment and wanted to give BAs a go. The JVCs sound better in every way, they might lack a little bit of the separation the XBA-1 has but seriously.. They are good!


Now i just need to get my hands on the other JVCs that supposed to be good.. You got to have them all right? etysmile.gif

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man i've had my 51's for a very long time and i still love them. the fact that they never really got a lot of attention has got to be the price point. everyone just assumes the worst, but i absolutely love these iems. i would like to see joker review them and see where he places them. i love using mine with the fiio e11. sound really nice together.

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Are you still using these iems ? I just found mine in an old jacket and I have fallen in love all over again. I'm looking for an upgrade with a similar sound and airiness these provide. How they compare with the superluxes ?

Also even the mids seem to have their own space along with everything else despite the fact I remember them being mid recessed.

Oh and I also went and ordered another pair.  They're like 20$ on ebay. More people need to hear these.

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Yes i still use them! Ive actually tried upgrading to the newer design of them: the jvc fxd series(fxd60,fxd70,fxd80) of those i chose the fxd70. I wasnt impressed at all. I would look at sony mh1c, or yamaha eph-100. Perhaps the fxd80 is also an upgrade.
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I had my eyes on the yamahas for quite some time but the fit has made me hesitant to pull the plug. Have you compared them your self ? Also the sonys are too expensive and rare now :/

I'm personally eyeing on the new jvc fxh series as well but the early impressions make them sound flat or warm. 

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Damn. I had high hopes for the fxh series. No, i havent heard the yamaha.
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