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HE 300

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Well, I just pulled the trigger on a HE 300. I wanted to get these after some reading. I know they aren't orthos but wants to step slowly into the hifiman arena. I had heard that they are a pretty decent set for what they are and price point. After some gift cards and points, I basically got them for a song (free). So investment is small. I'll be using these mostly for FLACs for classical and jazz from MB Pro to my Schiit M&M stack. If I like what I hear, I may save up for the HE 400s later in the year. I just couldn't swing the extra cost of the 400s right now. I will post some feedback once I get them. Now the waiting...
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I got these and started to listen and very impressed with the quality. Seemed to be a little sibilant but maybe was the source material I was listening to. I need to let these burn in some and willl see. Looks like the cable I got is a braided silver. Not sure if actual silver or spc. Either way, nice touch. I like the bass extension. Not boomy and there is a good impact for an open phone. Soundstage appears wide, but not as spacious as I read about. Will need to listen to with some FLACs through my M&M stack to see how they perform under power. Overall, I like these and glad I got them.
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They very good for the price!
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