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fiio x3 or hm602

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Hi all,
I am after a dap to compliment my lcd2s and fad heaven iv's, but primarily the LCDs.
I primarily use the heavens on the go and LCDs when I am at work or home.
In any case the dap will be used in both scenarios.
I know the 2 listed daps in the subject are vastly different however I am interested in sound quality and the fact the hm can be used ad a DAC is a nice feature and I have read it has more of an analogue sound to it which I like.

So I guess, which of the above would best suit the sound Sig of the LCD?.
I also fully intend to buy a pair of grados but I don't expect the source will be able to suit 3 different phones perfectly.

I currently use an e12 fiio amp as I am forever moving things around for work and it powers the LCDs surprisingly well.

I have looked around the forums for the answer however given a daps emphasis on portability and audezes emphasis on making you stay put I didn't have much luck.

Thanks in advance for any advice and thanks for reading.

PS if money was no issue I would buy the colorfly c4... However sadly it is.

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Currently using a HTC One > OTG > e17 > cheap cable that comes with Fiio > e12 > silver Dragon cable > LCD2's.

Not only is this bulky but surely one of the above will sound better too!

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I have the E17 should a keep it if I get the X3?

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