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Grouping Issues in Foobar2000

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I have two issues with Fb2k's grouping that I haven't been able to reconcile thus far, and was hoping some of you could assist. My first issue is that albums with different track artists (but the same album artist, like this album: http://www.discogs.com/Ben-UFO-Rinse-16/release/3140646) are being organized by the track artist. This creates single-track "albums" where they shouldn't be (or, rather, where I'd like them not to be). What I would like is for albums with different track artists to be grouped like the rest of my albums are: as 1 album, sorted by the album artist.


My second issue is with albums containing multiple discs. Currently, I get "Album Artist - Album Title [Disc 1/2]", followed in the library by the [Disc 2/2]. I want the multiple discs to be merged as 1 album, so instead of the previous display, I'll simply get "Album Artist - Album Title", with all the tracks there. Yes, the easiest way to accomplish this is to remove Disc Number metadata, but my pedantic side doesn't want incomplete metadata.


Here is a visualization of my problem (sorry, apparently I don't have permissions to post attachments): http://i.imgur.com/DBQCbZa.png


In attempt to rectify my second problem, I slightly altered the Grouping string (right click -> Settings -> Grouping) from "%album artist% | $if2(%album%,%date%) | %discnumber%" to "%album artist% | $if2(%album%,%date%)" (removing the discnumber category). My result is slightly better: I get a single, complete album entry with all the tracks; however, I get " - [disc 1/2]" after the album title, which I would prefer to have removed.


Visualization: http://i.imgur.com/0Qs7aRV.png


I greatly appreciate the help, and hope this won't be an issue of having my cake and eating it too.

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Just a bump for the thread. Does anyone have any ideas?

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The tag artist is for the specific track

the tag album artist is the main artist of the cd.


Group with album artist and not artist.


Album artist should be "Ben UFO".

Artist for each track, you have the informations.


Somes albums, it's complicated:


Disk 1 have one title and disk 2 have another title. If you want to have them in the same virtual album, you have to give the same album name for both cd.


The most complicated still the classical albums! Often it's a split between 2 or 3 composers. No principal artist ...

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