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Ah but he wants MORE not superb wink.gif  The GS-X mk2 is the only amp I've heard the 800 on that had acceptable bass levels, and yes the quality was insane, but LCD-3 bass dB levels?  No.

The bass was fantastic on both a Oppo HA-1 and Beresford Bushmaster with my HD800... but everything else suffered because of it. Bass was a tad recessed with my 10.33, but everything else sounded good, just a tad lifeless. The HD800 is great, but too finicky for my tastes (I try to keep telling myself this to convince myself to sell it off... hasn't worked yet).

That said, the HD800 is way more dac picky than any other headphone I've ever owned. Source can heavily influence the bass response. I noticed my Bifrost killed the hd800s bass where the Audio Quest Dragonfly brought it out. Same amp, different results.

I personally prefer to get amp and dac of choice and find the right headphones to match. Chasing after the hd800 nearly ruined my enjoyment of all my other headphones...

YMMV, but if I want more bass, I listen to my HE-4 or TH600. I guess there's always an equalizer evil_smiley.gif
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I've had my share of problems with HiFiMAN, Gustard and Audio-gd. All three company's customer service always resolved my issue in a satisfactory manner so I certainly can't complain about it. It happens, but as long as the company takes care of their customers, I think it is alright. Some bigger companies could certainly learn from that...

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