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Is this a good deal?

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Hey guys.  Just found out about this deal.  Sens Momentum + NVX EX10S for $350 ($99 off).  


What do you think?  What's intriguing is that I'm actually in the market for an earbud AND a over-ear headphone.  The Sens here in Canada are $399 and the EX10S are an additional $100, which would top off to $570 with taxes.  With this deal and the shipping and taxes it would come to $420.


I know the Momentum are great but I have only read a few reviews about the NVX EX10s.  How are they considering I'm not a basshead but would definitely not mind some bass here and there.

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For the Momentum ALONE that's not bad, as long as there's little to no cosmetic wear and tear etc.

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Actually they are both brand  Only thing is the NVX.  Very few reviews online.

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