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V-Moda M-100 Review Request

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Hello! I am wanting to do a review of the V-Moda Crossfade M-100's. Since they are crowd sourced headphones, I was wanting to incorporate some reviews from other people as references. Please let me know what you thought of them. Before burn in, after burn in, whatever. Also, if you would like to say anything about V-Moda in general, I would greatly appreciate it. As this will be a youtube video, if you have a youtube account, leave that in your reviews as well and i will link it in the description of said video including your head fi account if you wish. Thank you for all your help!

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I have a video review here and a written review here.

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0_0 Nahn Du? Oh my god i'm such a big fan of yours! I love your videos man.

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Originally Posted by SpiderNhan View Post

I have a video review here and a written review here.

I came to stumble across your review, and I admit that they are very detailed and unbiased. Keep it up dude! beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by TheReem View Post

It's good to add more about sound, I find these phones have had more design work put into it than sound work. The bass is nice and thumps and the highs are decent but these phones lack so much clarity. They are the muddiest sounding phones I have heard in the 200-300 price range. I think they are absolutely stunning looking but when you want to listen to bands, rock groups and folk they sound like junk. I think the price needs to be much lower but you are paying for looks and materials with pretty packaging more than anything. I wanted to love these but they are such a waste of money. Val needs to sort the sound quality out because they are quite bad for anything other than pop and anything else that has bass.

My M-100 has the best clarity out of all my headphones with the V-80 running a close second. What other 'phones do you have and what source(s) do you use?

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I have to agree with TheReem. For all the raving about a "huge soundstage", it isn't there. It sounds like a completely average soundstage. They are too rolled off in the highs, which is the reason why they sound muddy and aren't very detailed. In terms of quality for electronic music? Ultrasones smash them; they destroy them. They throw them on the floor and step on them. Burn in an HFi 780 for 100 hours, which can be found far cheaper than the M-100, and you will see that Ultrasone is the king.

With all the positive reviews of the M-100, I was really, really disappointed with their sound. Very poor value. They were resold quickly.

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You probably will ask, why do they have such positive reviews, then, if they aren't even good?

I think it's because they are marketed to the consumer market, NOT the audiophile market. Most people in the consumer market haven't heard how much detail and clarity a quality headphone resolves. If they haven't heard it before, than sure, M-100 will sound very good. They haven't heard the competition yet.

This is what I've noticed, many of us head-fiers (who have tried many different headphones) end up selling these, only because we know that other headphones sound better. Newcomers don't realize this.

Ask an M-100 fanatic about all the headphones they have tried before them, and I suspect you won't be talking to him for very long.

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Haha, I'm just thinking about those leather straps that seal the box down when you first open it up. No joke, we can see where the priorities were placed with the M-100's.

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I am a music lover and enjoy M100 even with other phones around:)
I like the built , look and the sound . Use it when streaming a lot and can not be happier
Most people will not necessary agree as far as gears are concern, even with Staxd, after all this thing is personal
Hope to keep m100 around and looking forward to the XL pads
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^ What other headphones do you own?

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Please don't say Beats. angry_face.gif

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Been fortunate to listen to few
My intent was to express that I do enjoy it and can not speak for others
Another side to a coin
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Sure they can be enjoyable, but is it 300 dollars of sound? Personally, I think they are worth about half that.

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To anyone considering them, it helps to know your treble preferences. They just aren't too detailed and extended up there, and if you prefer a more trebly response, I think you will be disappointed. If you are easily fatigued and can't stand extra treble, maybe they are an "okay" choice. 

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