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For Sale: Vorzamp Pure + Free Shipping (USA)

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For Sale:
Vorzamp Pure + Free Shipping (USA)

Will Ship To: Conus

I have for sale my Vorzamp Pure. The Pure is a German-built portable headphone amplifier of exquisite build quality and superb SQ. It is quite small, measuring 3.3" L x 2.6" W x .75" H. The amp has a slightly elevated low frequency boost and gives a solid foundation to nearly any genre of music. Mids and highs are presented with a great sense of realism. I have noted no sibilance with any of my music files.

Here is a link to further information and details of the Pure.

Purchased new, this amplifier is priced at $430 plus shipping costs from Germany.

I purchased the Pure for use as a baseline reference for voicing some of my Topkits, and no longer need the amp for this purpose.

Included are all of the original items including USB charger, charging cable, high-quality 1/8" to 1/8" interconnect, manual, tool for opening case and original shipping box.

The amp is in mint condition and is only about 4 months old. I am the original purchaser.
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Price reduced!
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Hi Ron,


Would you mind telling me how does it sound with your PFE232's and ER4PT's?  I heard these had very high gain and weren't  so good for some in ear phones.  And any idea how it sounds with a K701?  I'm assuming the K701's would be fine.




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