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Dumb Speaker Hookup Question

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I am knew to speakers. I have previously been running my TT (built-in preamp) through a Schiit Magni and using headphones.  I got some old Technics speakers that I want to try but have never seen an audio input on speakers that looks like these (like I said - new to speakers).  


Basically the red and white "inputs" are little circle caps with a hole.  They unscrew and under is a gold cone shaped thing.  Any idea what these are?



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Can you post a picture?  Speaker terminals are usually "binding posts" designed to accept either bare wire or a "banana" plug.

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That's a binding post. You twist the strands of your wire together, back the nut out a bit, shove the wire in the center hole and tighten the nut. These accept small wires only, so if you have large gage wire, clip off some strands to make it small enough.
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Here is a pic:

Do you have an amp to run them?
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I just picked up a B&O Beomaster 3000

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That will fun to use smily_headphones1.gif
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All hooked up and sounding great - thanks for the help

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