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Sleeving AD900X without cutting off plug?

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As the title says, is it possible to slip sleeving over the thick AD900X plug that pulls to a reasonable tightness? The reason I want to do this is a clean and elegant way to bind a mic cable to it without using ugly and annoying zip ties. I've tried a 3/8" sleeving (Bitspower supertight weave) and at its largest it is about exactly the size of the plug and can't be pulled over it. The next size up is half inch, which I think is way too big. Any one have any ideas or experience with this? I don't want to hack up and solder the cable just to get sleeving on (and potentially ruin $200 headphones). Keep in mind I need to get it over the plug plus the thickness of the headphone wire (or vice versa) which I'd estimate to be no larger than 24AWG.




I feel like an idiot. I've been shopping around for a week or two, and never noticed or thought of a "cable wrap". I found something called Flexi Wrap, which is woven sleeving that is open with velcro-like sides. So you wrap it around the cables and just velcro it closed. It's a little more expensive, but it's exactly the type of thing I need. In case anyone stumbles across this with the same situation.

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You could also have used -"shrink" wrap which shrinks to a tight fit with a little heat. I DONT mean a blowtorch just something very warm like a cloth dipped in hot water.wrapped round it.till it shrinks. 

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There's a type of shrinkwrap that has an inner coating of (epoxy?) glue. It forms a thicker and more rugged covering and is very difficult to pull out of its shrunk position because of the way it glues itself into place. It's categorised as 'heat shrink tubing - adhesive lined'





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I have heatshrink and adhesive lined heatshrink for normal sleeving. I didn't really want to do the entire thing in heatshrink, as it tends not to be flexible enough. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it kind of hardens after an hour and allows very little flex. I've never done a length more than an inch or so though. I think I'm going to go with the flexi wrap stuff. It's a woven sleeve and I can always take it off easily if I need to seperate the wires in the future. Thanks for the input guys. This site is awesome!

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