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I find myself looking for a new pair of IEMs after leaving my MeElectronics CW31s unattended on the table today, where the dog we're fostering found them, decided to give them a good chew, and utterly destroyed them.  I strongly considered getting another pair, but it seems MEElectronics has discontinued the CW31s, and despite how much I loved them, I think I could be interested in trying out something new or trying to move up a little step in the audio world, or trying to find something that couples my favourite CW31 properties while solving my couple of annoyances.

What I loved about the CW31s:

  • Their warm, natural and musical sound was just super easy and pleasing to listen to, and seemed to strongly compliment about 80% of the music I generally listen to
  • They made pianos, horns, and (especially female) vocals and vocal harmonies sound phenomonal
  • The oval nozzles and light weight were super comfy and good for long listening sessions
  • When I got the 'phones, I thought I was a basshead and would be underwhelmed by the bass, but I've learned to love more refined and normal/subdued bass now, (I think) valuing mids more  
  • Soundstage was certainly adequate, but I don't think I'd like anything less defined or narrower
  • Fairly nice build quality

What I didn't like:

  • I found the levels of microphonics were annoying whenever I wasn't just sitting still, and cables couldn't be worn over-the-ear to help alleviate that
  • Pretty underwhelming for most stuff with a lot of electric guitars and distortion

I'm looking to spend something in the $50 ballpark.  Obviously I wouldn't mind paying less, but I think I'd have some trouble justifying spending much more than $70.

General stuff I listen to, very very loosely ranked in order of importance:



I'd be running them directly out of my iPod and using them pretty much everywhere.  At home, at the library, on the bus, etc.

From perusing Joker's and Clieos's massive multi-IEM reviews, some of the headphones that struck me as ones I might be interested in were:

  • Astrotec AM-90
  • Dunu Trident
  • VSonic R02
  • Rock-It Sounds R-20
  • ViSang VS-K1

I'd love to hear some feedback about those, but I'm totally open to other suggestions that might be newer, better, or otherwise more appropriate for what I'm looking for!  

Thank you for your time and help!

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