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New Jvc Esnsy heaphones

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Oh wow... These are a sexy pair of cans! Lets get this thread rolling! I want sum impressions!
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Something about these look a little too effeminate for my tastes. That's probably a good thing.

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I recently bought these headphones. Whathifi says that the bass is overwhelming, but I dont find it so. Yes, it is emphasized but it doesnt bury the mids or the highs, rather acts like a foundation the sound is built on.
I noticed that the sound is warm, unobtrusive and suitable for long time listening.
The design is gorgeous and luxurious, although some might find them a little heavy on the ears in the beginning, but you get used to them quickly.
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Just picked up a pair of  Esnsy HA SR75S on-ears (black). Also scooped up the FR65S in-ears (brown) a couple weeks ago.


I like the look and build quality, especially on the SR75S. Once I've had enough time, I'll report in on both.

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Well, here's my brief review of the FR65S. To summarize:


- they sound a lot better than they should

- JVC made some really weird and conflicting design choices which severely compromise what would otherwise be a pretty good iem

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