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For Sale: Rare Melos MAX3R DAC

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For Sale:
Rare Melos MAX3R DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Need to sell some audio stuff... This DAC has to go

This is a rare Melos MAX3R DAC in very good condition (8/10 Audiogon scale) based on 2 6922 tubes. The DAC chips are PCM63PK. This is the R version since it has been upgraded by the Melos Audio Restoration group when they still existed.

The sound is wonderful. Very detailed with a tight bass. I was using it with my Melos SHA-Gold and Grado HP or PS-1 or vintage RS-1 headphone and this DAC was the best source I tried, ever. Only selling to get some money back, as I might buy a housesoon and need the money.

I've seen only another one for sale in my whole life and there's not much review about it on the Internet, but knowing the Melos company, you know you get the best sound/$.

This is a collection item for the Grado lover and Melos lover since this is part of the best combo you can get. You can use the integrated volume pot, or you can simply activate a swtich to bypass it. Comes with external power supply. Coxaxial and BNC input only (no optical).

Face plate is in excellent condition, but there's is a very slight discoloration because of the age. No scratch on top, bottom, sides and back. You won't find one in better condition, if you can find another one .

I WILL SHIP, at buyer's expense.



900$USD Shipped and Paypaled. I'm also opened to offers. BIG PRICE DROP, I NEED THIS GONE!



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Price drop again! 950$US for this machine.

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900$US shipped and Paypaled...

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