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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Leather Quality Control

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After much research and review scouring, I decided on buying a pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUMs (Around Ear) and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re absolutely perfect for my usage and needs, and they sound better than anything I’ve ever owned. However, in the process of buying them I found something interesting about the headphones: the quality of the leather varies rather significantly.


http://cl.ly/QlJp (Best Buy on the left, Apple Store pair on the right)


I bought a pair from the Best Buy and used them for a few days when I found I could use a gift card I had at the Apple Store. I bought them, planning on returning the Best Buy cans. Yet when I opened them, I was greeted by a surpassingly different looking pair of headphones:


And more than just looking different, they feel different. darker leather feels much more dry and rough than the others. I tried wearing them for a little while, but for the price I really wouldn’t want to settle for something less comfortable since comfort is so important for much purchasing. It seems like they had dried out black leather instead of the supple brown leather found in the Best Buy pair. I thought it must be a single unit, so I tried exchanging it at Apple Store, but I got a second unit with the dark and rough leather. I decided I would rather keep the pair I wanted instead of trying to save a little bit. I don’t know if others have experienced this, but I hope that those weren’t indicative of a change in leather for future units. The MOMENTUMs I’m keeping are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone, but with the variation in quality, I’m a little hesitant to recommend them to others. 

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The dark leather doesn't look normal...
All the stock photos of the brown momentums seem to have lighter pads while the ones in your picture have darker pads than the cups.
Maybe they made an agreement with apple to sell the lower quality stock to people who can't discern between products in the first place.
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It definitely struck me as strange. I considered it being an Apple only problem, especially since they were different Apple Stores, but that seems odd to me. I don't know if Sennheiser serial numbers go in ascending order but the Best Buy unit I have is a lower number. I couldn't find anything about this problem online, so I'm hoping its a relatively isolated issue.

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More than likely it is an issue to do with the headphones being from different batches. We have Sennheiser reps here we could ping about it to see if they know what is going on.

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