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For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 Rosewood $725 SHIPPED

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 Rosewood $725 SHIPPED

Will Ship To: CONUS

LOWERED PRICE!!! I'd really like to get these sold off. So I'm lowering the price for a little while to see if this helps. 

$725, flat-price. 


I've had these for a little over a month. I love the sound.. but they are just too much weight for my neck. THAT and I want to get myself a notebook computer...

I am the 2nd owner. They were originally purchased in 2011, Rev. 2 Driver upgrade confirmed with Audeze (Includes Documentation). They are also a bit bright sounding with certain tubes, which further cements Rev. 2 status. They have Rev. 2 pads as well.

They are Rosewood  with the original foam headband... which most people seem to prefer over the newer leather one. Cable is custom, after-market as well. 


So price is $799 shipped. Paypal only.

I will only ship to confirmed PAYPAL addresses and will require delivery signature. 

I will ship through either UPS or US MAIL. 


I've priced these aggressively to sell... please don't make any lower offers. I am unwilling to part with them for a lower price. 


Please PM me if you are interested.


check my EBAY Profile for feedback rating. http://myworld.ebay.com/asgiov/


I've been asked by a couple people, regarding the Rev. 2 status of the headphones. 
The Frequency Response Chart sent with the headphones is outdated. The drivers were upgraded after the original purchase.

This is the information from the original owner: " I purchased these in May 2011. In about 2 months time the Rev 2 was announced. Obviously I was not too pleased to be spending $1K for something that was refreshed within 60 days of purchase so I contacted Audeze and they said they will replace the drivers so long as I cover all expenses. I did pay $80 for the Rev 2 pads (softer), about $150-200 for the driver upgrade, $75 for the Travel Case, and $50 or so for shipping both ways. As such even if the FR chart or S/N is present there is no way to confirm something is Rev 2 or Rev 1. This sort of thing was done for a lot of people who purchased in late 2010 when there was a bad batch of drivers and the FR chart is never re-done. The best way to differentiate is to just take a listen. If you think the highs are non-existent or the sound signature is dark, then its the Rev 1. If not, it is the Rev 2. Given that all of this happened a while ago, I'm not sure I still have the emails (especially since it was my professional email from a company I no longer work with). I'll try to find documentation, but it's the best I can offer in this case."

The documentation DID end up being with the headphones and I will be including it.
This was the response from Audeze Customer Support.
"Our apologies for the late reply. What the previous owner told you is probably true. We cannot fully confirm this because the name of the customer is not in our system but we believe him.

Thank you very much,
Audez'e Support"
I can personally confirm the sound quality to this pair of headphones as well. They high-end is definitely bright enough to have me believe they are Rev. 2. When used with certain amp/tube combinations, I even found them to be a bit too bright.
I am sure upon hearing the headphones, you will be more than satisfied.

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That's a great price! 







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