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Yu-Gi-Oh Fi

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Just wondering if we have any Yugioh tcg players here on head-fi? If we do then we should get this party started. What decks do you play? What locals do you go to? What do you reckon the September Forbidden and Limited list is going to do?

I play Hero Beat and Six Samurai btw.


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I run a pure Light And Dark deck
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I have a very varied deck to keep it interesting. 

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Haha cool, I just got a kaiba starter deck, has a bunch of the old cards, and is actually freaking awesome!
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I remember liking Yu-Gi-Oh! a few years back.


Dark End Dragon ftw.

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I still have the three egyptian gods (first english version)...


I wonder how much they could be worth these days..

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If they're the tourney legal ones they'll be worth lots, as far as 135$ apiece. If they're those cards where each card is a different color, they're useless.
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